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The Prevent Defense.  Preventing development of the all-electric car, and keeping Detroit
insulated from change.  In
Electrochimica's view, the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium has
accomplished these goals remarkably well.  We believe that making the change from
petroleum to electric is an opportunity rather than a threat.

If you came to our site from ThePlanetElectric.com you may share our vision of an electrical
industrial economy that is clean, efficient, and has a low carbon impact.   Please check our
Battery Comparison page that illustrates just how dramatic ZEN-B technology can contribute
to our clean-Earth vision.  

The Chevy Volt.  We are often asked about the Volt, Tesla, and other electric vehicles.  We
know little about them as we
focus only on batteries.  We note, however, that a replacement
battery for a Toyota Prius with a rated capacity of
only 1.2 kWh costs about $4,500.  We think
this price is reasonable for the
high technology that the battery represents.   

Electrochimica is creating energy storage technology that meets long term goals both for the
all electric car (a focus on specific energy) and for bulk power storage (a focus on costs).   No
other development of this kind has targeted the final cost so aggressively to define the design
and the chemistry of the battery.  
Electrochimica's ZEN-B battery will be the first to achieve
energy densities greater than 220 watt-hour/kg (100 Wh/lb) at a cost less than $100/kWh.

GM's plans for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles means that an existing market for
Electrochimica's batteries may be on the road when our mobile batteries are ready for sale.  
With the expected performance of the ZEN-B battery, GM's PHEVs will improve small-car
range from about 65 km (40 miles) to as much as 480 km (300 miles).  
expects the ZEN-B will outlast the average vehicle

Hydrogen?  Fuel Cells?  Ethanol?  Electricity trumps all these.  We are amused that both
government and business fail to see the mid-size all-electric vehicle as a contender for future
transportation despite the favorable arithmetic in energy, cost and carbon emissions.  All
those energy pundits on TV!  We have been amused for a long time.

Electrochimica will demonstrate its ZEN-B battery prototype with a spectacular EV run from
Los Angeles to Las Vegas without recharging.  Please see our Charge-to-Vegas page for the
latest developments.  Brought to you by
Wayne Wheeler Racing.
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