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ZEN-B Battery Comparisons
San Gabriel Mission
How does the ZEN-B stack up?  Look
at these stacks!  Less than half the
weight of lithium-ion at a fifth of the

Instead of $28,000 for a lithium ion
battery, a ZEN-B will cost $5,440.  

Only the ZEN-B battery meets energy
and cost goals for mid-sized
all-electric automobiles, and for bulk  
power storage.

How does
Electrochimica achieve this
performance?  Pardon us for asking.  
Good science, good engineering,
good design.
San Gabriel Mission
Weight and cost values for the ZEN-B battery
are determined from
detailed design and cost models.  Our cost
model uses the methodology in "Costs of
Lithium-Ion Batteries for Vehicles," L. Gaines
and R. Cuenca, Report  ANL/ESD-42, Center
for Transportation Research, Argonne
National Laboratory, May 2000.   

Weight and cost values for batteries other
than the ZEN-B are taken from year 2000
estimates in “Batteries for Electric Drive
Vehicles: Evaluation of Future Characteristics
and Costs through a Delphi Study,” SAE
International Spring Fuels and Lubricants
Meeting, May 5-7, 1997, Detroit, MI.Detroit, MI.