Safety in the Workplace and the

Electrochimica's commitment to advancing power storage
capabilities is equaled only by our commitment to produce safe
products and safe procedures for production, handling, storage,
operations and recycling/disposal of these products.   As with all
energetic commodities such as gasoline and fuel oil, high
capacity batteries must be handled properly and with caution.  

Electrochimica's ZEN-B battery, designed for mobile
applications, has inherent safety features that reduce the risk of
rapid decomposition upon shorting, penetration, or exposure to
reactive elements.  Nonetheless, mishandling or unusual
accident scenarios can cause unforeseen consequences in all
highly energetic systems.  

In the event of a catastrophic accident, spills and fires
associated with our batteries may inevitably occur.  These
unfortunate events, however, will have no toxic after-effects, a
unique feature of
Electrochimica's environmentally friendly
ZEN-B technology.  

Our commitment to safety includes the long term safety of the
environment and the people who live in it.  The reduction of
airborne pollutants such as sulfur and diesel particulates
resulting from utilizing
our  technology will, we think, better the
lives of all living things locally.  The reduction of motor oils and
other lubricants associated with combustion engines will help
clean our streams, rivers, and shores.

Look for our sponsored Charge-to-Vegas unrecharged
automobile run from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, an
Electrochimica electrifying event.  This remarkable
demonstration will join electric vehicle system safety and
environmental safety.
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Our Commitment to Safety
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