Power Storage, Power Management,
Power Quality

Battery energy storage that meets industry cost goals and is
capable of many thousands of deep cycles enables many
well-appreciated applications.  Among these are local
management of small electrical generating sources such as
wind or solar power, and management of community-level or
light industrial power supply and quality.   Combined with
improving DC-to-AC technology,  ZEN-B power storage can
revolutionize small power generation and utilization.

200 Wh/kg ZEN-B battery energy storage enables
MWh-level power systems, up from the 0.1 MWh present-day
capability of a trailerable system.   For  applications such as
power quality management, industrial power management,
and emergency services, a 1.5 MWh ZEN-B battery will weigh
about 7000 kg (15000 lb).

Batteries based on ZEN-B chemistry are designed to
withstand deep charge-discharge cycling.  Charge balancing
among cells and occasional complete discharge and storage
in the discharged condition for 24 hours may be necessary to
recondition ZEN-B cells.  Like other batteries, all individual
ZEN cells must be protected from voltage reversal.  

The major operational impact on ZEN-B battery life is thermal
cycling that may stress battery materials.  Applications for
stationary power storage are designed to minimize thermal
cycling to provide exceptional, even indefinite, battery life.  
Thermal management is part of all ZEN battery systems, and
can be implemented using the ZEN battery's own power.  
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