Getting More - Impacting the Environment Less

Electricity is clean at the point of use, and can be clean at the point of generation.  
Electrochimica's ZEN technology will allow us to take full advantage of electricity's
friendliness to the environment.    To achieve electrification of automobile transportation we
need a new way of looking at automobiles, a new kind of eye.

Less Complex Automobiles

Reliable and fully-capable all-electric automobile technology can make cars simpler, lighter,
Electrochimica believes, safer.   Remove the engine, exhaust system including
catalytic cleanup, radiator, water pump, oil pump, fuel pump, alternator, regulator, and
much of the complex electronics associated with monitoring these systems, and more room
is left for passengers and cargo.  Replacing them with a ZEN-B battery and an electric
motor (or more than one) enables a drive system with dramatically fewer parts that, when
necessary, can be serviced or refurbished with ease.  Our nearby service stations need
stock only a small number of parts to provide the complete service to keep you going.
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The Planet Electric - A Global Cool

With the ZEN-B, automobiles have the
performance and range of fueled vehicles
without their toxic effects.  Imagine a world
where the term "fuel spill" becomes
extinct;  where every electrical outlet is a
"filling station;" where motor oil no longer
drips on our roads and poisons our streams.
 All-electric automobile transportation,
made practical by the ZEN cell architecture,
enables us to see the future - and it is clean.

We sing the Planet Electric
San Gabriel Mission
"The conventional view serves to protect us from the
painful job of thinking."
                                    John Kenneth Galbraith

In addition,
Electrochimica believes the
conventional view serves to protect us from the
painful job of
acting.  We can act confidently to
enable a more highly electrified economy only if we
have clarity of technology, its costs and its benefits,
and confidence in those who fund and implement
the technology.