About Electrochimica

No problem can withstand the assault
of sustained thinking ...........   Voltaire

For several years Electrochimica has worked to develop
a battery that meets the energy and cost requirements for
power storage and electric vehicles, is manufacturable,
and provides high power density.  Our development concept has been that a revolutionary
battery must start as engineering system, reflecting the combined needs of cost, life, energy
storage and power.  Our success in developing the ZEN cell stems directly from our
commitment to this concept.

Electrochimica's talented staff includes a Caltech chemical engineer on whose new
concepts the ZEN-B is based, an M.I.T.-educated and highly experienced research scientist,
and project and research engineers with truly impressive accomplishments and abilities.  
Our team is ready.  

Protection of
Electrochimica's intellectual property is in progress.  Look for public disclosure
of the exciting technical details of the ZEN-B cell soon.  

Electrochimica is a small and growing company that accepts big challenges within its
targeted growth plan.  Please feel free to discuss your plans and needs with our officers.

Electrochimica welcomes contacts with interested people with regard to the applications
and benefits of advanced electrochemical power storage.  We believe our advance is truly
revolutionary with per-kWh costs projected to rival pumped hydro.  

The sponsored Charge-to-Vegas unrecharged automobile run from Los Angeles to Las
Vegas is an opportunity for organizations to be a part of a unique experiment and
demonstration of ZEN-B performance.  Don't miss this amazing event.

Electrochimica's new technology will enable new methods of using electrical power that
were previously not thought possible.  Neighborhood power storage will reduce the peak
load on electrical distribution systems.  Business and personal vehicles will operate at
one-third the per-mile cost of many gasoline vehicles.  Applications await the imagination of
the generators, distributors and users of electricity.
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