Over 400 km (250 miles) Un-Recharged

In the Summer of 2011, Electrochimica will open a new era in automobile technology with
the Charge-to-Vegas run, over 400 km at highway speeds from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
through city traffic, blistering desert and mountain passes.  This single-charge run will be the
first public demonstration of
Electrochimica's revolutionary ZEN-B battery, our breakthrough
power storage technology.  Economical and with nine times the energy storage of a
lead-acid battery, the ZEN-B will power the all-electric-drive mid-size car from LA to Vegas
using less than $5.00 of electricity.   The brand of automobile has not yet been selected -
make it yours!

The Charge-to-Vegas ZEN-B power package, the first of its kind, will have an energy
storage capacity of 50 kWh, an energy storage density of 200 watt-hours per kilogram (90
Wh/lb), and a weight of about 250 kg (550 lb).   

Electrochimica is soliciting sponsors for the Charge-to-Vegas event.  Please contact us for
availability of sponsorships for vehicles, components, advertising and lodging.  Join us in the
adventure.  We plan a technical conference in Las Vegas describing ZEN-B technology the
day following the completion of the Charge-to-Vegas run.   The fee for this conference has
yet to be announced.  Attendees will have a substantial advantage in understanding the
business opportunities presented by a revolutionary technology with a very large market.

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