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Thank you for visiting our Investor Relations site.  Electrochimica is not currently seeking
development capital pending further maturation of our technology.   Please write if you would like to be updated on our technical and
business progress.  After our intellectual property rights are secure, we will move very
quickly to commercialize ZEN-B battery systems.

Prospects for Development

Our ZEN-B battery has the potential for revolutionizing the energy infrastructure.  This claim
stems from the battery's combined performance in specific energy, life and cost, the latter
being the key to early and ample profitability.  No other battery developer has so strongly
stressed cost at battery inception, and no other battery technology promises to deliver
far-term cost goals now.

Raw Material Costs

Materials for Electrochimica's ZEN-B battery are available at reasonable cost, and are
environmentally friendly.  Other batteries utilizing the ZEN architecture can have
substantially higher energy but at higher cost and reduced environmental attractiveness.   
Users will consider these options when purchasing
Electrochimica products.  

Update:  The prices of many industrial and precious metals have fluctuated greatly since
2005.  The current low prices are reflected in our revised cost targets.  Low oil prices do
not affect the market for our technologies for stationary applications.

Market Estimate

Electrochimica has not conducted a formal market study.  We encourage you to make your
own estimates based on unit car sales (about 16,000,000 yearly in the US) and a battery
sales price of about $7000 for a 1600 kg vehicle.  Our own estimates for the dollar value of
ZEN-B technology in the stationary power sector are about the same as those for mobile
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